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Air Duct Cleaning Issaquah WA

Air duct cleaning is essential for the maintenance of a healthy environment inside your homes. If you or anyone inside of your household suffers from diseases like asthma, bronchitis or any allergies then the last thing you’d want is polluted air all over your personal space.

Why should you bother cleaning air ducts?

Cleaning air ducts is necessary because it eradicates accumulated dust so it won’t continuously circulate around the house.
According to the US Department of Energy, 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating/cooling homes is wasted due to contaminants in the air. Even though filters are used, the heating/cooling system still gets dusty.

Getting rid of debris and cobwebs ensures proper air flow and enhances the efficiency of the system by as much as 40% in extreme cases. When HVAC system is clean, less energy is consumed to attain the desired level of cooling/heating. Thus, it is cost-effective too.

How would you know if your air duct needs cleaning?

Well, generally, this is done once a year but even if you don’t do that, below is a list of symptoms that scream “Your air duct needs cleaning!” like nothing else:

  • When you see lots of dust in the air.
  • Allergy-like symptoms while inside.
  • Visible molds inside the ducts.
  • Cobwebs, debris, noticeable particles blowing out of vents.
  • Dead insects inside the ducts.
  • Dust builds up on the exhaust fan.
  • Foul odor.

What can we do for you?

Air duct cleaning Issaquah WA, specializes in cleaning air ducts and it’s the best service there is! We provide you with highly trained technicians and advanced technology to clean out all the filth from your air duct, we will also repair and replace them if needed.

There are four general steps to cleaning air ducts:

  1. Cleaning and Decontaminating Air Ducts: This step involves cleaning and decontaminating the inside of your air duct. There are two different ways to do this and they both involve high powered air duct cleaning equipment that we possess.

    It involves attaching a large negative air machine to one vent and closing off all the other openings in the system to create negative pressure. Then the ducts will be cleaned with an air powered tool or a powered rotating brush. This is called negative air cleaning or push-pull cleaning. We also make use of the contact method to disturb the debris in the air ducts and collect it at the end of the long hose. Both ways are 100% effective for the removal of dust and debris from your air system.
  2. Cleaning The Air Handler: The air handler is the heart of the air system. Its purpose is to blow the air throughout your home. It receives the air through one or more return registers, heats/cools it and then distributes it throughout your home via air ducts and supply registers.
    If this is not cleaned and decontaminated, having clean air ducts will NOT do you any good, because the moment you turn on your furnace or air handler, the air moving through it gets contaminated and so, your air duct is contaminated as well.
  3. Cleaning Vent Registers: Vent registers are the grills that attach to your air duct openings. They should also be cleaned and decontaminated since this is the last thing the air is in contact with before it enters your living space. After the vent registers have been cleaned by us, they will look as good as new!
  4. Applying Deodorizer and Soot Sealer: This final step is going to rid your air ducts of any residual odor or dirt and ensure your ducts are as good as new.
  5. You will be fully satisfied by our services because we offer the best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Issaquah, WA and we are just a call or an email away!

    Air Duct Cleaning Issaquah WA

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