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Crawl Space and Attic cleaning

Most people don’t think twice about cleaning their crawl space and attic, not understanding its importance. It is crucial because removal of old insulation, old vapor-barrier and debris from your crawl space allows a thorough review of water damage and rodent-entry locations. It also eliminates existing rodent infestation and its odor.

Basically, crawl space and attic cleaning ensures the following:

  • Insulation has not worn thin.
  • Leaks and breaches can be fixed.
  • Removal of rodent infestation.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Elimination of bad odor.
  • Crawl space is that very part whose cleanliness ensures smooth running of all the systems of your house. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how important its cleanliness is. Birds also tend to nest in insulation and they have to be removed.

    Also, more energy is consumed by HVAC system in case of your crawl space being filthy because this way HVAC system is affected and loses efficiency hence the higher energy bills. This is why action needs to be taken to clean it.

    When to know your crawl space and attic needs cleaning?

    When Indoor Temperature Is Continuously Changing: This is due to insulation that has shifted in the attic areas and is allowing cold air or heat into the home, sabotaging the heating and cooling system’s attempts at regulating the indoor temperature.
    High Energy Bills: Inadequate insulation causes outdoor temperatures to sneak into your home and so cooling/heating requires much more energy causing the surge in bills.
    Animal Infestation: If bats or possums have made their way into your attic, you need to clean it. Wet Insulation: If insulation gets moist, it can’t be salvaged, only replaced. Indoor Drafts: When you notice indoor drafts, it’s a good time to check your crawl space and attic insulation. What would Crawl Space & Attic Issaquah WA do for you?

    Crawl Space & Attic Issaquah WA provide unparalleled service efficiency in all of Issaquah, WA. We offer you the best service with highly skilled technicians and technologically advanced equipment to clean your attic and crawl space.

    The basic process of crawl space and attic cleaning involves:

    • A thorough check-up of the crawl space. Once that is done, we can decide if the crawl space cleanup is required. If it is, the cleanup is done, but before that the insulations are removed for safety measures.
    • Soiled insulation and rodent droppings are vacuumed away. All debris is removed. Birds and rodents entry locations are sealed off.
    • Upgraded and the new code compliant insulation is installed.
    • Enzymatic solution is used to sanitize and deodorize your attic.
    • Once the cleanup process is complete, the insulation is reinstalled and sometimes proper proofing is done to keep rodents away from the crawl space.

    The capable technicians here at Crawl Space & Attic Issaquah WA are more than qualified for doing the job and providing you with the service you require. We’re just a call or an email away and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning Issaquah WA

    Issaquah, WA 98027
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