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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people neglect cleaning dryer vents, considering it to be unimportant. Your lint trap traps about 60% of the lint, however, the other 40% goes up and through your dryer vent system. This accumulation of lint can be a real fire hazard! What’s even scarier is the fact that 98% of the dryer vent is a confined area, so, if a fire were to start, it may not be noticed on time.

More on why it’s beneficial:

  • Saves Money: Every time your dryer goes through a cycle of 45-60 minutes, you add roughly $0.7 to your power bill. Hence if the dryer is unclean, drying will require several cycles and add accordingly to your power bill.
  • Saves Time and Aggravation: If your clothes aren’t drying in a single cycle, think of the time that is wasted doing laundry.
  • Prevents Fire: As you have just read above, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) reports that about 18,000 structure fires a year in the US are caused due to clogged dryer vents. This has resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. That is why dryer vent cleaning can’t be overlooked. Moreover, when your dryer vent is clogged, the material stuck in it is breeding ground for molds that can pose health problems for your entire family. What’s worse, if it’s gas-operated, you can get Carbon Monoxide seeping into your home with dangerous consequences.

How would you know your dryer vent needs cleaning?

The following symptoms will tell you that your dryer vent requires cleaning:

  • Dryer stops functioning.
  • Requires multiple cycles.
  • Condensation appears on laundry room windows.
  • Dust and/or lint builds up on the exhaust fan in the utility room.

What Air Duct Cleaning Issaquah WA will do for you?

Air duct cleaning Issaquah WA, is just what you need to get the job done for you! Our service provides you with highly trained technicians and advanced technological equipment to do a full system inspection and leave you with nothing to worry about.

The basic process of dryer vent cleaning involves:

  • Removal and cleaning of lint trap.
  • Measuring of airflow using an air flow meter at the exterior dryer vent.
  • Topically cleaning the back of the dryer, because this is where lint can accumulate.
  • Visual inspection of the dryer vent and flexible ducting from the wall using a video inspection system.
  • Running of the dryer duct auger through the duct to remove any blockages.
  • Measuring of air flow again to gauge improvement before and after cleaning.
  • The video inspection system is used again for a post-cleaning inspection.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning service is the best there is in Issaquah, WA and we are just a call or an email away!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Issaquah WA

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